On Friday 13th, 2017 the third Jagiellonian Debate took place in our College. First two debates were concentrated on global affairs: US Elections in November and Chinese concept of „One Belt, One Road” (New Silk Road) in December.

Third debate was dedicated to local issues – whether Toruń have chances to become metropolis? The introduction to the debate was made by Dr. Andrzej Potoczek –  the Director of Legal and Social Sciences Institute in the Jagiellonian College. Dr Potoczek presented legal aspects of creation of metropolis in Poland and local aspects of Bydgoszcz and Toruń Metropolis project (BiT City).

Mayor of the City of Toruń Mr. Michał Zaleski described the experience with BiT City project from Toruń’s perspective and he has underlined social, economic and geographical rationality of this project. He also mentioned the difficulties that arose at the  implementation of this project.

Finnaly Mr. Michał Zaleski presented hipothetical variants of alternative development of Toruń metropolis. He especially underlined the functional relationships between Toruń and its neighbours cities, i.e. in the field of water supplies, public transportation and railway connections.

Then a very interesting discussion between speakers and participants of the event followed.

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