In mid-February, the delegation of the Jagiellonian College – prof. Grzegorz Górski – rector and prof. Wojciech Gulin – Vice-Rector, paid a visit to Trnava in Slovakia. The delegation was accompanied by the Dean of the Jagiellonian Collegium Branch in the Czech Republic, prof. Oldrich Hajek.

At the University there was a meeting with Mrs. Prorector Vera Peterkova and the Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences at the University – Mr. prof. Rene Bilik. During the meeting, it was agreed that the parties would be committed to close scientific cooperation, in particular in the field of pre-school and early school education. Our Slovak partner has a special role in this area, as the University staff were the authors of a completely new teaching concept implemented in the educational system in this country. In this area, the faculty is a permanent partner of the Slovak Ministry of Education, but also supports the introduction of similar education programs in Russia, Indonesia and Nepal. The Jagiellonian College

This University activity meets the interests of our Institute of Pedagogical Sciences, which creates a natural space of cooperation.

delegacja Kolegium Jagiellońskiego
Uherske Hradiste


Currently, work is underway on the final shape of the cooperation agreement, which will also include close cooperation in the field of legal, administrative, economic and management sciences. The Parties will also carry out research projects within the European Union competitions in cooperation with Czech and Spanish partners.

delegacja Kolegium Jagiellońskiego
Uniwersytet w Trnavie
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